Please register your neighborhood, homeowner association (HOAs) and/or civic associations with the City of Centennial to ensure that your neighborhood knows about City meetings that affect YOUR neighborhood!

Answer the following questions about your Neighborhood to the best of your knowledge.

HOA Information

Provide the name of your Homeowner's Association and the name of the business license filed with the state - if applicable. If the association is managed by a property management company, provide the name of the property management company:
*Association Name:  
Business License Name:
Property Management Company:
Boundaries of your HOA (street names):

HOA Board Members

Please provide names and contact information for at least two members of your HOA's Board:

HOA Board Member 1

Phone (No spaces or dashes):
Email Address:

HOA Board member 2

Phone (No spaces or dashes):
Email Address:

Other Communications and Media Information

Information pertaining to meetings, newsletters, locations of meetings, communication media, etc--if applicable. Ex: Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month at the Library...
When does your HOA have its Board election?
How often does your HOA meet and where are the locations of those meetings?
Does your HOA have a Web site? If so, what is the the web address? Would your association be willing to allow the City to provide a link to your website from its website?
Does your HOA have a newsletter? If so, is there an editor that can be contacted for dissemination of information from the City?
If your community doesn't have a formal HOA or civic association, is there a central contact that the City could utilize to help distribute information?
Does your HOA have more than one Board, such as a Master Association Board? If so, please provide a contact for all of the groups in your community.
Who are your plowing and landscaping contractors and how can they be reached? (if applicable)
What is the best way for the City to update changes to the contact information for your HOA?

Quick Contact Info:

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