Check out testimonials from students of the inaugural Centennial 101 class:

“This course has changed my identity. It has changed how I think about my business and how I think about myself. I originally chose to start my business in Centennial because I had previously worked in Centennial and I discovered Centennial citizens were the kind of people I wanted to serve and the people I wanted to be more like personally. But I didn't quite understand the community aspect. I craved the cute downtown streets of Littleton, I craved the central location, and a city branded school. Those were things I was familiar with growing up in a small town. But I knew my Centennial patients had that sense of pride and I wanted to be part of that too. Thanks to Centennial 101 I now understand why my Centennial patients swell with pride in our shared community. I am so proud to have my business here and am even more excited to serve my community.” – Centennial 101 Alumni, Class of 2018

"I LOVED this class.  I was a bit hesitant to sign up because of the strong encouragement to commit to each and every class.  However, I enjoyed and looked forward to every single one.  I appreciate the effort everyone on the Centennial staff put into the classes.  All of the presentations were very complete, informative, and the speakers allowed questions and always answered them fully and with great respect for the questioner.  I guess that's my main takeaway from this class:  I felt very respected as a citizen of Centennial.  That I not only mattered, but was cared about and appreciated.  And having food there for us - good food! - just enhanced the experience.  I really appreciate all the work and care that Kelly has put into developing an excellent and informative program!  Thank you!"

“The Centennial staff and elected officials were all engaging and generous with their time and knowledge. This class validated my decision to buy a home in such a well-run city, and inspired me to get more informed and involved.”

“Centennial 101 sheds light on the "secret sauce" that makes the City nationally recognized.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Centennial 101, and have already recommended it to many other residents. I especially enjoyed learning about the City's incorporation, the budgeting process, capital improvements, the unique way the City outsources services, and so much more. And the interactive exercises made learning fun! I have learned that there are many, many ways to become involved, and look forward to becoming an active Centennial volunteer.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in understanding more about the City of Centennial, how it is unique from most of the surrounding cities in what it is doing and has done for its residents.  If you are at all interested in running for public office, even if not in Centennial, this course is a very good way to begin to understand how any city functions, and specifically what Centennial has done to maximize its efficiencies.”

"If you want to know what is going on in your City government, this is the class that will detail it for you. The information is offered in classroom format and interactive projects - all geared to give you a feel for how your government officials manage your City. Get signed up -- Get involved!"

"The information presented, and the enthusiasm with which it was presented made for a great learning experience. The end result was a feel of pride that I live in Centennial."

"If you love where you live and want to learn more about what goes into making Centennial such a great City, then you must attend Centennial 101. Not only is it very informative, but will motivate you to get involved to make our community an even better place live and work." 

"This is the best way for citizens to become more knowledgeable about Centennial. I was involved in the launch of the City and still learned many things. This is a delightful way to find a pathway for involvement -- through serving or just being more informed."


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