Year to Date
Measure / Explanation
Expected/ Historical Average

Strategic Plan Measures


Total Number of New Qualified Opportunities
Number of new attraction, retention, expansion, development or annexation opportunities pursued by staff

60 69

Total Number of Active Qualified Opportunities
Number of active attraction, retention, expansion, development or annexation opportunities interactions by staff

100 85

Number of New Initial Business Registrations and Sales Tax Licenses Issued
Number of initial business registrations and sales tax licenses issued (non-renewed)

360 367

Business Retention & Expansion


Number of Business Retention and Expansion Interactions by Category
Number of initial and continuing business retention and expansion interactions by staff

140 85

Real Estate Development 


Office Vacancy Rate
Office vacancy rate

N/A 10.6

Retail Vacancy Rate
Retail vacancy rate

N/A 5.2

Industrial & Flex Vacancy Rate
Industrial and flex vacancy rate

N/A 6.4

Quality of Life


Median Household Income
Median household income

$70,283 $106,012



Total Employment Growth

N/A 1.3%



Annual Net Taxable Sales Growth

N/A 0.75%

Is meeting expected benchmark
May meet expected benchmark
Will likely not meet expected benchmark

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