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The City of Centennial has ten Boards, Commissions, Committees and/or Authorities that are composed of volunteers appointed by City Council. Use the links to the left to learn more about each one. 

The work of board and commission members are crucial to the success of Centennial’s representative government. By sharing their experience, expertise, and time, citizens provide valuable insight—the citizen's point of view—to the operations of the City and City Council's decision-making process.

Appointment Committees are formed, by City Council, to solicit, accept and review applications for board, commission or committee openings and to interview and recommend candidate appointments (Centennial Municipal Code Section 2-4-40).

Apply for the Open Space Advisory Board

The City of Centennial is currently accepting applications to fill openings on the Open Space Advisory Board.  All terms are for a period of three years.  Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday evening of each month at 13133 E. Arapahoe Road, Centennial, CO 80112. Fill out the application form here or by contacting the Barbara Setterlind, City Clerk, at 303-754-3324.  The deadline for applying is Friday, October 4, 2019 at 5 p.m.

This is an Advisory Board to City Council concerning Open Space and Open Space Fund uses.

Pre-Apply for a Board, Commission or Committee

You may pre-apply at any time for any board or commission by filling out the online application. During the recruitment period for openings, the City Clerk’s Office will contact you for additional information and to schedule an in-person interview with the Appointment Committee. 

Contact Barbara Setterlind, City Clerk, for additional information. 

    Boards and Commissions Application FAQs

     Tell me more about City Council boards and commissions.

    The City of Centennial currently has 10 standing boards, commissions and authorities consisting of approximately 63 volunteer members. 

    View detailed information on all boards and commissions.

    All board members are appointed by the Centennial City Council. Boards and commissions are established for the purpose of acquiring and studying information in specific areas and to make recommendations to City Council on issues within the board's area of expertise. Some boards are quasi-judicial and have decision-making powers within their areas of expertise. Decisions made by quasi-judicial boards are appealable to the City Council or the courts.

    The Centennial Municipal Code outlines an Ad-Hoc Committee process for all appointments to boards and commissions. Appointments to the boards and commissions are made throughout the year, with terms of members being staggered.   The City Clerk's Office coordinates the recruitment and appointment process for all boards and commissions. Applications are accepted throughout the year and applicants are notified by the City Clerk’s Office when a board or commission is recruiting to fill vacancies.

    Each board and commission is supported by a staff liaison. In addition, some boards and commissions have a Council liaison. 


     Can I apply to more than one board or commission?
    • Qualified candidates can apply to any boards or commissions you may be interested in via the City’s website.
    • The City Clerk’s Office will contact you when the recruitment period for any of the boards commissions you have indicated interest in is occurring.
    • Applications submitted are kept on file for one-calendar year.  Citizens are encouraged to apply each year

    Helpful Hint: Since the Ad-Hoc Committee Members are using the pre-applications as the key instrument in evaluating your qualifications, applicants are encouraged to fill out the application completely and attach any additional information (such as resumes) you may feel would be helpful.


    What happens after I submit my application?
    • At the time a vacancy does not exist:
      • Applications will be kept on file in the City Clerk's Office for future vacancies and the City Clerk’s Office will contact you when there are openings.
      • Applications are kept on file with the City Clerk’s Office for one calendar year. 
    • At the time a vacancy does exist:
      • All applications on file are organized and compiled for the Ad-Hoc Appointment Committees consideration.
      • The Committee members may direct the City Clerk to contact all applicants on file for additional information in writing.
      • At the direction of the Ad-Hoc Committee, applicants may be contacted by the City Clerk's Office to schedule an in-person interview.
      • Following completion of the Ad-Hoc Committee’s review and/or interview process, the Committee will make recommendations to fill vacancies to City Council.
      • Recommendations will be placed on a Resolution which will be considered by the whole Council at the earliest possible Council meeting.
      • The City Clerk’s Office will contact all applicants with the outcome of the process.
    How does an applicant know whether or not they were appointed to a board or commission?
    • Following adoption of the appointment resolution, each applicant will receive a letter notifying them of the status of their application(s).
    • Applications are only kept on file for each calendar year.  Citizens are encouraged to apply each year and will be contacted by the City Clerk’s Office 

    NOTE:  If you are not selected to serve on a board at this time, don't be discouraged! Many current board members will tell you that they applied several times before being appointed.

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