A Development Permit must be obtained before construction can commence on any City approved development plans.

Development Permits are issued after the development review process is complete; all necessary City approvals are obtained; conditions of approval for the project have been met; the project collateral is posted; fees and use tax are paid; and the applicant is ready to proceed with construction. 

Apply for a Development Permit

You may submit for a Development Permit using the online Self-Service Portal.  The following documents are required as part of the application for a Development Permit:

  1. Engineer's cost estimates for public and private improvements associated with the development 
  2. Approved Site-Civil Construction Documents for the development 
  3. Any other documents as determined through the Land Development Process

Once the Development Permit is received, the applicant will be informed of inspection fees, use tax and any required collateral as determined by the Public Improvement Agreement. Once the Development Permit has been approved, it will be issued at the pre-construction meeting scheduled by staff. 

Inspection of Improvements 

During the construction of a project, the applicant is required to pass inspections to ensure the project is being constructed per the City approved plans and in accordance with all other laws and regulations of the City. Required inspections will be discussed at the pre-construction meeting with the site contractor. No certificates of occupancy will be issued until all public improvements have been completed and accepted for maintenance and/or ownership by the City of other applicable public agency. 

A stop work order can be issued during site construction if:

  • Work is completed contrary to approved plans or the Public Improvement Agreement;
  • There is violation of any law; or
  • Site conditions constitute a danger to health, life, safety or damage to property.

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