Why are we doing this planning process now?

The City of Centennial and the Denver Metro area have experienced growth and change since the current plan was developed and adopted. Since 2004, RTD’s southeast light rail line has opened service to Centennial, the Southglenn Mall has been redeveloped into the Streets and Southglenn, and the City’s limits grew from 24 to 29 square miles. Businesses and residents have chosen Centennial as their new home. The City of Centennial has evolved from a newcomer on the map into a regional leader.

The current plan was adopted in 2004, shortly after the City’s incorporation. Over a decade later, it may not fully reflect Centennial’s current voice and vision or respond to future opportunities and challenges. This planning process is an opportunity for the entire community to plan for future growth in a manner that is respectful of the City’s values and desired future.

Why is Centennial NEXT important to Centennial?

Change offers opportunities, but also presents challenges. As the City and region’s population grows more diverse, so does its needs and preferences for housing, shopping, recreation, entertainment, transportation and public services.  Neighborhoods, shopping centers and infrastructure age and need investment and revitalization. Some places should be protected through reinvestment, while others offer opportunities to introduce new types of neighborhoods, shopping, entertainment and recreational experiences to appeal to a growing and changing population.

How can Centennial make these critical decisions? What does the community’s future look like? And how do we get there? These are some of the important questions the planning process will explore and answer.

How does this plan relate to Centennial's other planning efforts? 

The City of Centennial has several supplemental plans that were adopted after the 2004 Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan provides high level policies to guide growth and development. The supplemental plans including Sub-Area Plans, the Transportation Master Plan, and Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan complement the Comprehensive Plan by providing additional focus to important elements or areas of change within the City. The new Comprehensive Plan will incorporate previous planning efforts already completed, but may adapt these plans to respond to future conditions and opportunities.

What is the timeline for Centennial NEXT?
  • Phase 1 | May - August 2016
    Foundation, Community Kickoff Events, Community Assessment and Audit
  • Phase 2 | August - November 2016
    Visioning, Opportunities and Framework 
  • Phase 3 | December 2016 - July 2017
    Strategies and Policies Development, Implementation Plan, Adaptive Monitoring & Management Plan Development, Draft Plan Development, Implementation Templates
  • Citywide Plan Adoption
    July 2017
How can you get involved?

Public input is essential to planning and we turn to those who know the City best, the residents and businesses that call Centennial home, to help identify opportunities, challenges and visions for the City's future. Throughout the coming months there will be a variety of opportunities to provide input through meetings, interactive workshops, online tools and more. Visit our Get Involved page for details.


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